The Boys from England

The Boys from England

“I want to catch a perch with a fly rod”. That’s what Andy told me before heading out on the water. Together with Shane and Pete Andy and his son Alex came over from England to the Netherlands for two days of boat fishing on the big bodies of water south of Rotterdam. The first day we would concentrate on pike and on the second on zander and perch.

On the first day Andy and Alex stepped into my boat, whereas Pete and Frank did so into Frank’s boat. Andy had chosen to swing the fly rod the whole day trying to hook a big pike and I taught Alex to properly fish a jerkbait on a jerkbait rod. It turned out to be a tough day, but finally three pike landed into both boats. Although all fish weren’t as big as expected I made my compliments to Andy, who was responsible for landing two fish on the fly rod. And although the day was tough the boys from England did enjoy it.

img_3474The second day we were on the water very early, because we had to stop at four o’clock in the afternoon, so the guys would be on time to get the ferry back to England. This time Andy and Pete stepped into Frank’s boat and Shane and Alex in mine.

As it was Andy’s goal to catch a perch on the fly I gave him my #7 Sage rod with a di7 Airflo line on the reel. I also gave him my fly box with perch streamers. Frank chose for a spot where he had frequently caught perch, whereas I headed for the other side of the water, where the wind would allow us to make nice drifts. Shane, Alex and I had chosen to fish with a spinning rod. At the first drift Shane’s lure was attacked after drifting about 1,5 kilometers. He was able to land the perch, that turned out to not only being really fat, but also to have a formidable length of 49 centimetres. He was damned pleased with it. Right after the take I stored a waypoint into my GPS and after having drifted another kilometre without success, I decided to turn back and fish the spot again. Now two very nice perch landed in the boat. I knew enough! There had to be more fish on that spot. And I was right. We caught another ten fish and then fun was over.

Not much later the telephone rang. It was Frank, telling us that Andy had caught a nice zander on the fly and that they had also caught a couple more nice fish on the spinning rod. Time therefore to meet up with them to have chat and a lunch. As we approached Frank’s boat we were right on time to see Andy catching his so desired perch on the fly rod. After that Andy just sat in the boat with a big smile on his face. His first perch on the fly rod had the astounding length of 49 centimetres! Knowing that these guys fished all over the world I myself was amazed that they still were so happy with a perch on either a fly rod and spinning rod. Real fishermen in my eyes!

All in all this short day of fishing blessed us with more then 35 fish. Can it be better? On tough day, one extremely good day!

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