Big Water Flyfishing

Big Water Flyfishing

It’s Thursday, early in the morning and I am looking out my bedroom window. Just to see that the windows of my car are frozen. The weather is rather calm and that’s the most important thing. I have more than enough specialized winter clothing, so that will be no problem.

I have an appointment with Peter at the trailer ramp at 07.30 hours. Peter is already waiting for me as I arrive. He has also his fly rod already rigged with a nice streamer. He is eager to go out. The launching of the boot is fixed within minutes and slowly we leave the harbor. It’s quiet on the water and a bit foggy. But the sun will be out soon. For me this is the nicest time to be on the water.

I decide to start at a drop off towards deeper water, where still some weeds remain and where I did get some nice fish in the two weeks before this day. Peter is using a sinktip that goes down a little bit faster than my intermediate fly line. Peter is fishing a Winston rod, while I am using a Sage rod for a # 9 line.

I position the boat above the drop off, where the depth will be about 3 to 5 meters. With both my fronttroller and backtroller I zigzag on the drop off. I have to do it this way, because there is no wind at all. Peter now will be fishing in a depth between 3 and 5 meters, whereas I will be in about 3 meters or even less.

I did recommend Peter to use a redhead streamer, because I had qiute some success with him. I won’t forget myself of course, so I am using a golden streamer with a lot of flash. Also this colour the pike did like lately. After half an hour of fishing Peter sees how a pike of about 90 cm slides over his streamer, but his reaction is to fast. Instead of in the fishes mouth he strikes the stream out of it. He’s not too happy about it.

We fish along for another 10 minutes over a depth of now 2 meters. Suddenly my streamer gets furiously attacked by a fish, that turns out to be a zander of around 60 cm. I take some pictures and the fish goes back into his element.

The next two hours nothing happens, so we decide to try another spot. Meanwhile a nice breeze is blowing out of the East. That’s perfect, because now the wind is blowing perfectly across the water. Not only the waves are a bit bigger, also is yhe speed of the drifting boat a bit faster.

We now can make a very nice drift along a long drop off. And only if the wind is picking up more I will need my drogue to slow the boat down. The boat is above 5 meters of water an we cast towards the shallower water, where the streamers will be swimming in a depth of about 2,5 meters. As soon as the streamer comes nearer to wards the boat I lift my rod and pull my streamer to the surface.  I am working my streamer just like that as suddenly a pike shows up behind it and decides to inhale it completely. Takes like this are without any doubt the best takes; a pike inhaling a streamer near the boat, just below the surface and right in front of you. I immediately drop the anchor, because I have seen that this fish is really big. The fish makes a couple of short runs, while I am hanging into my rod. This goes on for some minutes and at the first opportunity I decide to land him with my hand. The fish is exactly one meter long, but also very heavy in weight. As fast as I can I take some pictures, because I don’t like to fool around too much with a fish. He has to go back as soon as possible.

We make two other long drifts, but nothing happens anymore. Also did the wind pick up and although I am using my drogue it isn’t nice fishing anymore. We decide to choose one last spot on the other bank of the lake, before returning to the harbor. Here I catch big perch once in while and I do want to give it a try.

An already rigged #7 rod is also laying in my boat, with which I will present a deer hair slider from Floris van den Berg. Peter doesn’t change. I know that there are some stones laying around in this area and I cast my fly towards them, let it sink and strip it in slowly. The fly hasn’t swam for more than two meters as it is attacked furiously. I immediately feel that this is a perch. And it turns out to bea good one: 43 cm! I am pretty happy with this fish, also because it is caught on a fly. As fast as I can I cast out my fly to see if there are more fish willing to take my fly. And indeed, at my fifth cast another perch shows up, now with a length of 44 cm. And not long after that also Peter gets lucky. He catches his first pike of the day, a good one, followed by a smaller one.

I am happy with my results. A pike of one meter and two big perch. Peter was also happy with his two fish and we decide to give it another try as soon as possible.


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