Fishing with jerkbaits  is one of my favorite ways to fish for Pike. In search for the perfect action I started to make jerkbaits for my own fishing. Nowadays the hand build Robbaits  , known as , torobs, striker and rattlin whopper are well known within the predator scene.  Due to the time and labor , these  hand build jerkbaits are limited on stock…

Robbaits Products

Rattlin Torrob

Hybride Jerkbait easy to fish with medium tapered rods suitable to fish up to 2 meters depth.

  • Depth: 2 meters
  • Length: 14 cm
  • Weight: 62 gram
  • Rattle

Rattlin Whopper

Glider that is easy to fish just below the surface but also runs easily up to 2 meters depth.

  • Depth: 0,50 until 2 Meters
  • Length: 17 cm
  • Weight : 76 gram
  • Double Rattle


Glider Jerkbait easy to fish with a fast tapered jerkbait rod.

  • Depth: 30cm / 80 cm
  • Weight: 81 gram
  • Length 17,5 cm


Hybride Jerkbait very easy to fish with a soft tapered rod. The action of the Torob can be best described as “unpredictable” and this is exactly what make this jerkbait to be one of my best catching baits.

  • Depth: 2 meters
  • Length: 13,5 cm
  • Weight: 52 gram

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